Welcome to DaveMush.com
This website will give you a glimpse of my personality and periodic events in my life...
Most recently, My wedding and my marriage to the most beautiful person ever! I will be adding to this site all the time, but for the moment, its mostly a showcase of pictures from the wedding and honeymoon. No, sorry... They’re all good, clean pictures. The interesting ones will come later when I have time to set-up a Blog.
You can also visit my other site... Mr2.phpwerx.net
Mr2.phpwerx.net was originally set up to showcase my first Toyota MR2. Shown above, It was one of the first ten V6 MR2’s in the country. A project between my friend Dan Cech and I, the car was new territory for the two of us. Since we were self-proclaimed car geeks, and had done a lot of research into the process of putting a 2001 OBDII V6 engine into a car with ten-year older OBDI technology, We simply wanted to see if we could do it. At the time, we even turned some heads from others on MR2OC.com who were surprised at our ages and what we were doing.
    Since then, Dan has gone on to help a few friends with quite a few engine swaps... Including a 4A-GE Silvertop in a MKI MR2... And I decided that I love cars a bit more than just for fun, and went back to school for a career change.
Click on an Image above to link you to Mr2.phpwerx.net
See what we made last time, What we’ve done since then, and what I’m working on now...